Our Fitting Process

At Wagner’s RunWalk our #1 goal is customer satisfaction. Since 1953, that has been our promise. Our mission truly is “all about the fit.” We want to fit your life by professionally fitting your footwear, apparel, and accessories. Whether your goal is to run a marathon, the local 5K race, or just everyday wear, we are here to help. We will take the time and attention that it takes to determine your foot type and individual needs. Our team will take time and consideration when recommending the right pair of shoes to help protect you from injury while allowing you to attain your goals. All of our staff members are trained to serve and fit all levels of running, walking, as well as customers with specific medical needs. Due to the high level of personal fit we offer to our customers, many local podiatrists, physical therapists, and athletic trainers recommend our services to their patients and/or clients.


Why is it so important to find the proper fit?

The most important piece of equipment that a runner or a walker has is their shoes. You wouldn't go onto the football field without the proper protection, nor would you stand in the batter box without a helmet. So why would you exercise without getting fitted with the right shoes? It is estimated that 80% of Americans have foot problems and the #1 cause is from wearing shoes that are too small. Do yourself and your feet a favor, come in to Wagner’s RunWalk today for your individual fitting!